Testify TestCode Bootcamp 5.0 Experience

A friend that was a participant of the test code camp 4.0 and was having his weekly group session and it caught my attention, later I observed his debugging skills and was intrigued quite entertaining to watch and I resolved within myself to get in on the next text code camp.

The only problem with all this is how I intended to combine my daily 9–5 job with bootcamp and other social activities, it wasn’t easy at first but I slowly had my scheduled rearranged to accommodate it all.

Three months have gone by in a flash and it’s been amazing learning new ways of getting things done and looking at your everyday online activities from a different perspective of reasoning. Strangers, lumped together into teams now turned friends more like family (you’d get what I mean when you have to debug and it’s not making any sense to you. I had a team mate buzz me at 3am ironically, I was up working on my task, we setup a WhatsApp group and the entire team apparently was awake I’m like Whhaaat). We all stayed up helping each other till 6am before we broke if off to attend to our grooming for 9–5 jobs.

The training progression is subtle and almost unnoticeable as the weeks go by, one day I was starting off trying to understand software development cycle next thing I know is I’m becoming a guru at manual and automated testing, then you top it off with writing test case documents, summary reports using the Jira board, and postman as well as selenium ide, selenium web driver and IntelliJ. If any of these looks like Greek to you that’s fine, I was same way until I joined the boot camp.

A few skills I added/improved on during the bootcamp

. Communication: this term sounds so simple and yet rather large, when dealing with multiple people from various background and you’re all online most times and a few voice calls in-between you learn to gauge the voice and read the online room to know if the convo is going sideways or its getting you the desired results you were hoping to get.

. Team work: I have always been an active team player, but this was totally different we made our differences work to advantage and we understood our constraints so well its odd how well we functioned in a space of days .

. Ability to work under pressure: this right here, lol boot camp is exactly what it is, your personal issues stay personal, delivery on your task is paramount deadline is sacrosanct and we had no choice but to make all of this and more work. The pressure is a constant but every time we actually deliver on our deliverables the euphoria is always amazing and fulfilling.

Test Code Camp was a great addition of skills for me. I practically found passion during the course of this bootcamp!!!

If you are contemplating on branching off into a new field like I was, this bootcamp is for you. Anyone can become a software tester irrespective of the background they might be coming from.

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